Lifting Weights For Golf Won't Hurt Your Swing

By:Mike Pedersen

When I say body golf, I am talking about the machine that swings the golf club. Most golfers have this delusion it's the clubs. Now how silly does that sound?

You are an intelligent person. What swings the club?

Your BODY!

Well then...if we are in agreement, wouldn't it make sense to work on your body to play better golf?

Don't you think that your body has limitations that are probably keeping you from making a better golf swing that holds up for 18 holes?

I think so...but if you don't, we need to keep rehashing it. We need to hit it from as many angles as we have to until you really get it. Once you get it, you'll have that ah ha moment and be shaking your head at why you've waited this long to figure it out and take the appropriate action.

The sooner you realize your body is keeping you from a better game, the sooner you will be able to fix it and enjoy many years of fun golf.

Do you want to discover the secret to creating more power and consistency in your golf swing... AND eliminating ALL your swing faults?

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