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Fri, 8 September 2017

Tee-Fork; The Tee That Changes Everything

Introducing Tee-Fork, the new patented tee design that will change the way golfers approach golf from tee to green. Tee-Fork's smart design incorporates important and unique tee functions while adding the benefit and convenience of a divot repair tool. The patented two-in-one tee and divot repair tool design is unlike any other tee in the marketplace and changing the way tees are viewed and purchased.

Tee-Fork provides many unique features:

- Consistent tee height-every shot, every time

- Low friction cup design

- Three tee sizes to match your shot needs

- Convenient divot repair tool

Not only will Tee-Fork be a great addition to your golf game, it will be the perfect item for a gift, advertising tool, promotional giveaway or corporate sponsor gift. Tee-Fork's patented design will provide long lasting marketing value, round after round.

Easy Set-up

For more information on our one-year breakage guarantee, please visit

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