Golf Push Cart Accessories From Sun Mountain

February 24, 2016

Missoula, MT - If you love walking each and every time your play golf, but choose not to throw the bag over your shoulders and instead use a push cart, then chances are you either own, or certainly know about Sun Mountain and its innovative line-up of golf push carts. The latest accessories from the company are cart covers that offer a convenient way to store and transport golf push carts.

Sun Mountain has recently released a cover specific to the three-wheeled Speed Cart and a cover that fits the four-wheeled Micro-Cart and the new Reflex cart. These covers help keep grass clippings out of the car and offer lift and carry straps for easier transportation.

The new golf push cart covers offer a large U-shaped opening -think of an oversized tennis bag-, two-way zipper, durable Tough-Tek material in wear areas, removable carry strap with slip-resistant shoulder pad, and lift handles with a wrapped grip.

These new covers also join a wide collection of other push cart accessories including: storage bags, cooler bags, seats, sand/seed mix bottles, adjustable umbrella holders, and UV and rain umbrellas.

You can see the full collection at