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Fri, 8 September 2017

Successful Golf Practice Is An Art That All Golfers Need To Master

Range Balls
A lot of golfers are very dedicated to their sport and practice for hours on end, however a amazingly high number of golfers do not really know exactly they should practice. If this seems unbelievable then just spend a little bit of time following golfers on the practice range and see how many you can spot who appear to be attempting to get rid of balls as quickly as they can using as much strength as they can muster.

The secret to playing golf can be found simply in your ability to correctly swing the club and, while this is only one of the skills you need, mastering this one will take you 80% of the way to becoming a successful golfer.

The problem however is that the golf swing is a complex thing and controlling it first means understanding itand all of its components.

A successful golfer is somebody who understands that golf is not only a physical but also a mental game and who can get both into the correct balance. All too many golfers unfortunately either view the game of golf as being only a physical pursuit in which strength wins through or treat it as an almost exclusively mental exercise putting in much too much mental effort and too little physical exercise.

Although this article clearly cannot go into detail about exactly what you should be practicing, here is some advice on what you should be including in every practice session.

1. Before you begin you have to know exactly what you wish to practice and have a definite goal to aim at.

2. Start every practice session with several short, soft iron shots and slowly work your way up through your set of clubs until you arrive at your driver. Do not try putting real power into your shots until you are happy that your swing is smooth and has a fluid rhythm to it.

3. regardless of what you are practicing, concentrate on reaching a fluid rhythm because this is the secret to proper coordination and hence timing.

4. Make sure that you have a target to aim at to help build your self confidence. It is all very well and good to concentrate on improving your distance but doing so without accuracy simply provides you with a false sense of security. Once you get out on the course it is not going to be much good if you can drive the distance required but end up out of bounds because you are unable to also get your ball to fly in the direction you want it to.

5. Finally, remember that, whilst direction and distance will always be essential goals in any practice session, you must also learn to attain a correct sense of balance and so do not concentrate so much on reaching the best distance with accuracy that you neglect to test out various different positions while practicing your swing to get your best position for that perfect sense of balance.

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