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Fri, 8 September 2017

Physical Conditioning Can Affect Your Golf Swing

Tiger Woods
The perfect golf swing takes a lot more than an intimate understanding of the game, years of experience and the right attitude: it also requires proper physical conditioning. As a matter of fact, without a properly conditioned body, your performance metrics can take quite a plunge. More importantly, you should not wait until a shooting back pain ruins your swing to pay attention to physical conditioning.

In fact, the benefits will spill beyond the golf course and cause a marked improvement during other physical activities. So, here is a look at why it is so important for golfers, both as a way to improve performance during the sport and as a means to have a more rewarding life.

Everything about your golf swing has something to do with your body. As with any other sport, the best golfers are usually in pretty good shape, and it is not a coincidence - this game requires a good physical foundation. The way to get this is through proper conditioning.

This helps optimize the strength and performance of all the muscle groups required when making a swing. Other than that, the conditioning workouts help in injury prevention. Furthermore, it is also one of the best ways to deal with a former sports injury. So if you want to recover your optimal strength after that knee injury, you should give physical conditioning a try.

Some of the problems golfers face include loss of posture due to constant swinging, over-extension of the hips and the spine causing lower back pain and deformation of the shoulder plane with repeated energetic swings among other problems. All these problems will cause your game to suffer, and even stall your progress. The good news is that they can all be prevented or handled using targeted physical conditioning.

Workouts that can help improve your swing, prevent injuries and even help you treat existing injuries include pilates, elbow stretching exercises, back stretches, hamstring exercises, neck stretches and yoga workouts.

In cases where the golf injuries are pretty serious, it is best to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Sometimes injuries to the knees, hips, shoulders and other important joints can require surgical intervention to fix before rehabilitative workout regimes are used. Beyond that, an orthopedic surgeon can offer proper advice on how to exercise the most affected body parts to facilitate recovery and avoid further damage.

Be sure to check with your doctor to ensure your posture is right and that your joints are not being strained too much during your stretch. Otherwise, ensure you stick to a strict physical conditioning regime to ensure your swing keeps getting better, not worse. An unhealthy body will ultimately tramp all your experience and talent for the sport. This is why physical conditioning is all-important. Outside the golf course, poor physicality would mean having problems doing everyday things, especially where chronic pain is involved.

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