Enjoy The Sounds of Silence With The Ogio Silencer Club Protection System

March 23, 2016

Draper, UT - You're walking or riding on the golf course to the steady beat of clink, clink, clink as your golf clubs smack against each other. You probably haven't thought about the damage being done to that hefty investment.

Well, the designers at OGIO Golf have.

OGIO introduces its Silencer Club Protection System, available with all of the company's 2016 cart and stand golf bags.

Silencer technology features 14 individual compartments accommodating a variety of club configurations. Each compartment has a protective membrane at the top to center and gently hold the club shaft. The compression fit bottom securely holds the club grip and keeps it from moving or spinning.

"Part of our quality testing included literally turning the bag upside and shaking it," commented Global Vice President, OGIO Golf, Tom Gocke. "It may not be a scientific method, but it proved that the golf clubs will stay locked in position."

The Silencer line, available in both stand and cart options in four different colors, includes OGIO-designed features like the insulated water bottle pocket, easy grab trunk handle, pen slot and seven pockets. It is part of the 2016 collection, which also includes - Buzzsaw, Ash, Gotham and Earth.

With the OGIO Golf Silencer Club Protection System simply drop, grip and lock your clubs in the bag. You will protect your investment and enjoy the sounds of silence.

To Learn more about The Silencer Club Protection System go to ogio.com.