Cutting Edge Technology In Nippon's N.S. Pro Zelos 8 Ultra-Lightweight Steel Shaft

March 8, 2016

Carlsbad, CA - For those golfers seeking the lightweight properties of a graphite shaft with the stability of steel may want to take a look at the N.S. PRO Zelos 8 steel irons shaft from Nippon Shaft.

Weighing between 84 and 87.5 grams, the N.S. PRO Zelos 8 is designed with a low kick point and evenly distributed rigidity, making it easy to handle and giving it the exact swing characteristics of a lightweight graphite shaft, according to Hiro Fukuda, sales and marketing for the Japan-based global company.

"The Zelos 8 shaft is the second iteration of Nippon Shaft's innovative Zelos series, which is aimed at taking the ultra-lightweight characteristics of graphite and fusing them with the shot-by-shot consistency of steel," Fukuda said.

"Our engineering and design staffs set out to help golfers increase their swing speeds by developing a steel raw material that is both ultra-lightweight and strong," Fukuda said. "Swinging a lighter shaft will help golfers increase their swing speeds, resulting in more distance. Swinging an ultra-light steel shaft utilizing Nippon Shaft's cutting edge steel raw material will give shots the kind of reliable consistency not found in graphite shafts."

Targeted for golfers whose swing speeds average 85 miles an hour (6-iron shots that travel approximately 140 yards), the Zelos 8 seems like the perfect shaft for both junior and senior golfers.

Similar to the original Zelos 7, the Zelos 8 series uses cutting edge steel material known as NZNS60, which delivers greater strength and greater flexibility along with light weight, according to Fukuda.

"Like the Zelos 7, the Zelos 8 is a shaft that's going to fit a lot of players," Fukuda said. "The Zelos series is for golfers who currently play steel shafts and prefer to remain with steel and/or for players who already have switched to graphite but would like to return to steel without giving up the light-weight advantages of graphite."

The N.S. PRO Zelos 8 steel irons shaft and all Nippon Shaft products are available globally either as stock or custom shafts in many of the world's top iron brands. In addition, Nippon Shaft products are available through Nippon Shaft's dedicated global club fitter network. Details of these can be found at