Atleto Connects Everyday Athletes

May 9, 2016

Los Angeles, CA - Imagine an app that could allow everyday golfers like yourself to hook up with other golfers in your area? That would be awesome! Now there's an app that does that. Its called ATLETO and through a proprietary technology will match golfers or any sport, location, and skill level, through its mobile app for iOS.

“For twenty years I was the sports event organizer in my circle of friends.  It went from me organizing golf or soccer games in Copenhagen to 18 holes at the famous St. Andrew’s course in Scotland,” said Patrick Lundgren, CEO and co-founder of ATLETO. “It took me days often to coordinate schedules through calls and emails with friends. So I felt that there must be an easier way for me to connect to my groups, but also for others around the world to do the same – and so ATLETO was born.”

The ATLETO app lets members find a running partner, participate in a private basketball game, or invite others to join in almost all of the most popular activities and sports – including running, working out, basketball, golf, cycling, flag football, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, and yoga – with more sports being added in the near future.

ATLETO’s team roster of everyday athletes includes: Patrick Lundgren, CEO/co-founder; Ulrik Jonsen, Chairman/co-founder; Peter Dalgas, CMO/co-founder; Nicolai Galal, CCO/co-founder; Thomas Vestergaard, CTO/partner; Jason R. Trice, partner and Paul Campbell, partner. In addition, former NBA star Roger Mason has just joined ATLETO’s team.

“We are thrilled that Roger Mason Jr., former NBA guard for the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, has joined our advisory board,” said Mr. Lundgren. “He is one of the most respected voices in basketball.”

So what does ATLETO offer you the golfer:

- It allows you to find or host local golf outings, wherever you are in the world.

- Building your own sport network based on your own parameters (skill level, location, mode, etc.)

- Rating other athletes via a “knuckle rating”.

The company says an ATLETO app for Android users will be available in the next few weeks. For more information, please visit