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Fri, 8 September 2017

Power With Control

by Mel Sole

The Golf Swing
Many golfers looking for more power will try increasing the length of their backswing. In doing this they may gain a few yards off the tee, but completely lose their accuracy. Therefore I am often asked

How do I maintain control, and still gain the extra yards I need to improve my score?

Tiger Woods is a perfect example of someone who has slightly shortened his swing to gain more accuracy, but has extended his arc to maintain his tremendous power.

You need to work on three things: .

The Golf Swing

You must increase the distance between your right shoulder and your right hand at the top of the backswing. This extends the arc creating tension in the lower torso, which really helps with power.

You must make sure that the right elbow is in the tray¬Ěposition in order to start the downswing correctly.

You must make a full shoulder turn.

If you have collapsed arm at the top it can also lead to a poor shoulder turn.

When the elbow starts to drift away from the body it is very difficult to start the downswing correctly. There is a tendency to come over the top causing weak shots fading off to the right.

To correct you need to extend the left arm out wide at the top.

It is important to note that the left arm must be fully extended in order to create this tension.

Then makee sure that the right forearm is in the tray position, (as a waiter carries a tray) with the upper part of the arm pointing directly behind you, and the right hand directly under the grip.

I discovered that in order for many of my student to complete their shoulder turn correctly I hve to incorporate some flexibility exercises. A stretching program produces the flexibility needed to make the shoulders turn at least 90 degrees.

The end result - you'll begin hitting the ball a lot straighter, with no loss of any distance whatsoever. In fact, as you continue to work on this you might even hit the ball a little further and with a lot more authority.

If you need to improve your accuracy without losing distance, work on these moves, and I assure you your game will improve!

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