Loudmouth Golf Reveals 2014 Summer Collection

April 30, 2014

Loudmouth Golf 2014 Summer Collection

Foster City, CA - Loudmouth Golf, the apparel company that is not afraid to say it  bold and bright, has released their brand new summer patterns for 2014. Loudmouth's summer collection offers an array of fun prints that will have you styling' all summer long. The collection features five bold new designs.

• "Tango" - "Helicopter...Niner-Six-Niner-Tango-India-Tango inbound with air support for Bravo Company."
• "Galaxy Girls" - It's that time of year when Loudmouth unveils its ever-popular and sometimes controversial pin-up girl design which is out of this world! You should be able to identify these flying objects!
• "Dutch Treat" - Based on a famous Euro fashion design in the 1960s, Dutch Treat is a new, exciting direction for Loudmouth. It had a sneak preview in Sochi on the Norwegian Curling team in different colors and was the most popular design of the 9 pants they wore. Now available in its classic colors.
• "Miami Slice " - Miami's favorite detectives would have looked bitchin' in these jetting across Biscayne Bay in a cigarette boat.
• "Betsy Ross" - A classic pant that any minuteman would be proud to start a fashion revolution with. And did you know Betsy Ross was born Elizabeth Griscom?

"The summer collection has some surprises in it. Some golf apparel companies start off with a bang then gravitate toward the bland middle," says Loudmouth Founder and Designer Woody! "But we've stayed faithful to our loud roots. Those looking to make a statement with their apparel this summer won't be disappointed!"

The new Summer 2014 collection is available for both men and women and includes pants, shorts, skorts and mini-shorts. In addition to our stocked sizes, Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order MTO) clothes, which lets customers customize the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit. Loudmouth pants, shorts, skorts and mini-shorts are all made in 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

For more information visit www.LoudmouthGolf.com.