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Fri, 8 September 2017

How To Hit Off Of Pine Straw

by Matt Daly, PGA

Hitting From Pine Straw

Matt Daly is the regional operations manager for South end courses of the Founders Group International portfolio, including Founders Club, Litchfield Country Club, Pawleys Plantation, River Club Golf Course, Willbrook Plantation, TPC Myrtle Beach, and Tradition Golf Club. He had been head golf professional at TPC Myrtle Beach since September 2016 and was previously the head professional at Grande Dunes Golf Club, Myrtlewood Golf Club, and Pine Lakes Country Club. He has held a Class A membership with the Professional Golf Association since January 2006.

How To Hit Off Of Pine Straw

If you are playing a course lined with pine trees, chances are when your tee shot misses the fairway you will find your ball resting on a bed of pine straw. Hitting from pine straw can be tricky, both for your stance and for making contact with the ball.

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