Honma Golf Tour Level TW-G1X Golf Ball

July 24, 2014

Honma Golf Tour Level Ball The TW-G1X

Sakata, Japan - Honma Golf Co., Ltd. introduces, the new Tour World G1x golf ball for golfers seeking high launch, low spin, distance and durability. Amazing carry is achieved by successfully adopting the new research & developed large-capacity and high repulsion core, low-spin and high initial velocity that creates excellent linearity which gives the distance performance you want.

Stable Spin Performance by adoption of soft cast urethane cover that provides outstanding spin performance under any condition, but remaining durable. Optimal Trajectory is achieved by the big diameter 318 dimples with combination of large capacity and high rebound core, plus high repulsion Urethane Elastomer cover, gives the optimum trajectory and stabilized performance against the wind.

Street Price is $45.99 per dozen.