Golf Instruction

What Club To Use With A Downhill Lie

by Joel Rasho

In this video segment, Joel Rasho from The Founders Club in Sarasota, Florida offers up some great advice on choosing the right club when you are hitting from a downhill lie in the fairway.

How To Eliminate An Over-The-Top Move In The Golf Swing

by Bob Usher

In this video segment, Bob Usher from Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, Florida shares a tip on how to stop coming over the top in your golf swing.

The Basics To Better Chipping in Golf

by Chris Shircliff

In this video segment, Chris Shircliff from The Standard Club in Johns Creek, Georgia offers up some basic techniques to better chipping in golf.

How To Hit The Knockdown Shot In Golf

by Kevyn Cunningham

PGA Professional Kevyn Cunningham of the White Witch Golf Course in Rose Hall, Jamaica demonstrates how to hit the knockdown shot in golf.

Practice With A Purpose In Golf

by Kevyn Cunningham

PGA Professional Kevyn Cunningham of the White Witch Golf Course in Rose Hall, Jamaica offers some helpful insight on how to take your golf game from the course to the driving range.

Developing a Pr-Shot Routine In Golf

by Billy Jack

PGA Professional Billy Jack, from St Ives Country Club talks about and demonstrates the importance of alignment and having a per-shot routine, on the tee and for every golf shot.

Hitting The Fairway Bunker Shot

by Matt Hibbs

PGA Professional Matt Hibbs, from On Top of The World Golf Club offers some simple steps to hitting crisp shots from a fairway bunker.

Choosing The Right Club For Chipping

by Matt Killen and Bud Cauley

Many amateur golfers struggle to find consistency when chipping. Often they do not take into consideration the bounce of the club and how it impacts your ability to hit proper chips shot. PGA Professional and noted swing coach Matt Killen, along with PGA Tour Player Bud Cauley demonstrate how to become more consistent in chipping by understanding the bounce of the golf club.

Improve Your Bunker Play

by Terry O'Hara

Many amateur golfers struggle to find consistency in their bunker play. Often they view the bunker shot has one of the hardest shots to make in the game, but it is just opposite. Terry O'Hara from Longboat Key Club demonstrates some simple steps to incorporate in to your routine any time you are hitting from a bunker.

Proper Posture In Putting

by Linda Hunt and Alan Morin

The key to becoming a good and consistent putter starts with good posture. Get this right and everything else will fall into place. The goal at address is to establish a posture that allows you to move your shoulders back and forth in a smooth pendulum motion. If done correctly there will be no need for excessive hand action or compensating movement, which invariably lead to poor putting under pressure.

Three Important Things To The Golf Swing

by Paul Rifenburg

There are three important things every great golfer has in his or her golf swing just before they reach the impact zone. In this video PGA Professional Paul Rifenburg of the Wycliffe Golf and Country Club explains what they are and how to implement them into your swing.

Downhill Lie Shot In Golf

by Rob Herring, Jr.

The key to successfully hit the golf ball from a downhill lie is in the setup. This includes ball placement in your stance, having your shoulders on same angle as the hill you are on and your swing angle. PGA Professional Rob Herring, Jr. explains in this golf video tip.

Power and Distance In The Golf Swing

by Chris Champagne

Power and distance in the golf swing is created four different ways. First, is through making a turn with the upper body. The second, is through the transfer of weight. Third, is the creation of a wide ark in the golf swing. Finally, the most important way to create club head speed is to create an angle between your lead arm and the shaft. PGA Professional Chris Champagne demonstrates how to gain more power and distance in the golf swing by holding the angle.

Chipping Just Off The Green

by Lee Stroever

Say you are 20 or 30 off the green, what club should you use? Many amateurs will pull out a lob or flip wedge and try to fly it to the hole, but the best club to use that will give you the highest percentage of getting close to the pin is an 8 or 9 iron. Lee Stroever, the Director of Golf at the North Palm Beach Country Club demonstrates  how to get the ball on the green and rolling to the flag in this video tip.

Fixing The Slice

by Mark Blackburn

The most common miss for amateur golfers is the slice. So how do you fix this swing fault? Actually its quite simple, as PGA Professional Mark Blackburn, from the Mark Blackburn Golf Academy at the Greystone Legacy Course explains.

The Proper Setup

by Brad Brewer

Nowadays everyone is looking for more distance off the tee, however many players have a tendency to want to reach when they get into the setup position. When a player does this they end up pulling the club inside on their take away, with negative results. The proper address for hitting longer drives is to have your arms connected with upper body as I demonstrate in this video tip.

How To Practice With A Purpose

by Jason Baile

All to often most amateur players head out to the range and start hitting golf balls without a plan. After hitting a poor shot they'll rake another ball over trying to fix the last shot with the next ball. I'd like for you have a little bit of a plan when you come out practice, I'll show you a couple of things in this video that will help you.

The Bump-And-Run Shot

by Jody Niemann

Every golfer should be able to consistently play the bump-and-run shot. You'll especially appreciate it when you have a tight lie or firm ground between you and the green. Jody Niemann, Head Golf Professional at Desert Pines Golf Club in Las Vegas offers up some simple tips to get you into the proper set-up for the bump-and-run.



by Sean Bowling

The hard thing about the pitch shot is that you often have to make less than a full swing. Often amateur golfers have tendency to hit this shot fat or top it. Also, it is important to understand the correct distance needed and where to land your ball. Another issue with pitch shots is deceleration through impact and trying to control distance.

Grip Pressure

by JD Turner

Many amateurs often believe that gripping the golf club harder will give them better control and add more distance to their drives. Well nothing could be further from the truth. In this video golf tip The Landings JD Turner shows you how to apply just the right amount of grip pressure when holding the golf club.

Three Steps To Better Chipping

by Filippa McDougall

One of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your scores is to become efficient around the putting surface. So often amateurs drop strokes because they cannot get the ball up and down around the green. In this video tip PGA Professional Filippa McDougall demonstrates a simple three step routine to better chipping.

How To Hit Out Of A Steep Faced Bunker To A Raised Green

by Dave Cahill, PGA

Anyone who plays the game of golf will find themselves in a green-side bunker from time to time, even the pros can end up in the sand. Intimidating? Absolutely, especially if the bunker is steep faced and the putting surface sits well above it. In this video PGA Professional Dave Cahill demonstrates some simple techniques to help you hit better sand shots from a steep faced bunker.