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Lat Exercise

One of the biggest variables in golf that we want to take out of the equation altogether is our body. It's important each and every day you start your round of golf that you have a consistent body when you play. In this exercise golf fitness coach Mindi B demonstrates three moves to help you to develop and maintain a consistent lower body.

Lat Exercise

A lot of times I have golfers and other clients who come to me and I find out that they are having a hard time moving with their upper body or rotating for their golf swing because their Lat are very tight. The reasons could come from sitting behind a desk all day, driving a car a lot throughout the day, or for other reasons. This is an exercise to help golfers obtain the proper rotation needed in the golf swing.

Increasing Strength and Mobility on Both Sides

Golfers who have a "C" posture prevents the body from turning freely and can cause errant shots and reduced distance. Golf fitness coach Katherine Roberts demonstrates how to develop a balance of flexibility and mobility allowing the golfer to get into a taller and more neutral position at during their setup.

Proper Breathing in The Golf Swing

The body and mind must be free and balanced during the swing. This requires breathing during your pre-shot routine, as well as post-shot routine. Golf fitness coach Katherine Roberts offers up a tip on to properly breath throughout the process of address, set-up and follow-through.

Consistency - Staying Centered through Proper Hip Rotation

One of the consistencies of a good golf swing is to stay centered from your backswing, down through impact and on the follow-through. Golf fitness coach Katherine Roberts offers up a yoga tip on developing the proper internal and external rotation of the hips that allows a player a greater range of movement while staying centered in the golf swing.

Mindi Boysen

Having The Correct Posture in The Golf Swing

How important does the correct posture plays in golf swing? Well, if you're looking to add distance off the tee, it is vital that you have the correct posture in your sertup. In this video golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen offers up an exercise that will help you have the correct posture in your setup, each and every time.

Getting Troon Fit

Troon is committed to integrating and leading fit and healthy lifestyles for members, guests and associates alike. TroonFIT is a platform that raises awareness of the health benefits related to playing more golf; promotes non-golf fitness activities like yoga and running; and also incorporates nutritional offerings.

Strength Plus Speed Equals More Power

Strength plus speed equals power in the golf game. Often players who are born with strength, tend to work on that part of their game, while players who have speed tend to work that aspect of their game. The reason being; there is a comfort level.

Mindi Boysen

Big Ball Warm-Up Exercise

One of the more popular pieces of very inexpensive equipment fitness instructors like to use in their golf fitness routine is a stability ball or big ball. They are very popular and you can use for every single muscle in your body. Many fitness instructors encourage their clients to do use the big ball as a warm-up tool on the range.

Mindi Boysen

Eliminate Swaying and Sliding In The Golf Swing

Many people have a hard time rotating their upper body during the golf swing without swaying. Part of the problem occurs due to improper internal and external hip rotation. Golf Fitness Instructor Mindi Boysen offers up this fitness exercise to help you rotate using your core muscles as oppose to swaying and sliding in the golf swing.

Mindi Boysen

The Inch Worm Exercise

My youngest golfing client is 5 years old and oldest golfing client is 91. No matter how old you are or what caliber of golfer you are you should always be able to do the inch worm. What is the inch worm? The inch worm is of my favorite exercise that is all-encompassing with strength and flexibility demands on the body.

Mindi Boysen

One Arm Rotation

It is often said that if you want to develop a good, consistent golf swing then you will need good posture. Good posture is also important in your day to day life, especially for those who sit at a desk all day, watch a lot of TV or have the tendency to never sit up straight. Here are three exercises that will help you develop good posture for the golf course and life.

Mindi Boysen

Upper Body Stretches

Most golfers like to get to the course 30 - 40 minutes before their tee time to get some practice in at the range. Even before you swing a golf club, the best way to get ready for your round is to stretch. In this video, TPI Certified golf fitness instructor Mindi Boysen demonstrates 4 upper body stretches you can do prior to hitting balls on the range or teeing off.

Mindi Boysen

Pilates Roll-Up Roll-Down Exercise

The Pilates roll-up/roll-down is a perfect routine for the abdominal muscles, and is one of the Pilates flat abs exercises. Compared to regular set-ups, one Pilates roll up is equal to six regular sit ups, and is much better than crunches for creating a flat stomach.

Mindi Boysen

Static Side Plank

The key to a good golf swing starts with a good foundation and a stable core. Golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen demonstrates a basic side plank exercise, also called a static side plank hold. This is the starting place if you want to improve your core strength and stability.

Mindi Boysen

Warming Up The Smallest Muscles Used In The Golf Swing

If you are looking for more club control and accuracy through impact you'll need engage the smallest muscles of your fingers, wrists and forearms. They might be small but they can certainly wreak havoc on your game if they are not properly warmed up prior to the start of your round.

Mindi Boysen

Pilates Swimming Exercise

If you are looking for coordination, rhythm and timing in your golf swing then consider incorporating this Pilates exercise into your daily routine. It helps in stabilizing the torso throughout the golf swing, while at the same time increasing the awareness of where your body is at during the golf swing.

Mindi Boysen

Maximum Coil In The Backswing

Did you know that tight chest muscles can hinder your ability to get maximum coil in your backswing, which in turn reduces power production. Golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen demonstrates is this video a great exercise you can do just before you tee off.

Mindi Boysen

Increasing Club Head Speed

In this routine golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen utilizes a rubberized tube in tow different exercises that will help you increase clubhead speed which in turn will give you added distance off the tee.

Mindi Boysen

Posture Muscles Tube Exercise

The lack strength in a golfer's back muscles can really hinder the golfer's swing, as well as the wear and tear on the body over 18-holes of golf. Utilizing a rubberized tube, golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen offers up an exercise routine to strengthen your back muscles.