Golf Fitness

Physical Conditioning That Can Affect Your Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing takes a lot more than an intimate understanding of the game, years of experience and the right attitude: it also requires proper physical conditioning.

Maintain Swing Width For Greater Distance

One of the common mechanical breakdowns I see in many golfers is a shortening of the swing arc in the backswing. As a result of this fault, the ability to generate power in the downswing is diminished and distance is often negatively impacted. Two of the physical requirements for a wide swing include a mobile thoracic spine (mid-back) and adequate strength in the triceps.

Common Causes and Treaments For Golfer's Elbow

Golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is the phrase used for discomfort on the medial or inside part of the elbow. It literally is a pain due to the fact that the discomfort is usually slow to develop and can linger for quite some time. Playing golf often worsens the condition and, for many, is the reason why they develop it in the first place.

Add Cardio To Enhance Your Golfing Experience

Fatigue often becomes a foe for many golfers. You may not realize it, but those errant tee shots, off target approach shots, doffed chip shots, and/or missed putts may not all be just bad shots. They may have something to do with the fact that the four plus hours swinging a golf club in the fresh outdoor air is wearing you down a bit.

Your Lifestyle May Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Golf Game

For many, sitting a good part of the day hunched over a computer, desk, workstation, or patient (as in the case with dentists and surgeons) does not bode well for posture in general, and can wreck havoc not only on your health, but on your golfing performance.

Bob Forman

Winter Is The Best Time To Improve Your Golf Game

One of the more popular pieces of very inexpensive equipment fitness instructors like to use in their golf fitness routine is a stability ball or big ball. They are very popular and you can use for every single muscle in your body. Many fitness instructors encourage their clients to do use the big ball as a warm-up tool on the range.

The Physiology Behind The Sway & Slide Swing Faults

You are just not getting the distance you think you should be getting and can not figure out why. You even broke down and bought those new clubs and balls the ads promised would get you further down the fairway. What gives?

Bob Forman

Playing Golf May Hurt You

Low back injury is not something you experience today and it is gone tomorrow.  It lingers, as do most injuries.  And though the pain may subside somewhat, the mindset is that on any given swing, the back could go.  Not something you want to have to think about while trying to focus on your game.

Mindi Boysen

Static Side Plank

The key to a good golf swing starts with a good foundation and a stable core.  Golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen demonstrates a basic side plank exercise, also called a static side plank hold.  This is the starting place if you want to improve your core strength and stability.

Mike Pedersen

Lifting Weights For Golf Won't Hurt Your Swing

When I say body golf, I am talking about the machine that swings the golf club. Most golfers have this delusion it's the clubs. Now how silly does that sound?

You are an intelligent person. What swings the club?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel and Golfers

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is becoming more and more prevalent with the computer generation, and increased use of small hand held devices. Someone you know has probably suffered from CTS. It is such a common problem; it baffles me that there is so little understanding among the medical community about its causes.

Golf Muscles What Are They?

Golf Muscles What Are They?

Is there such a thing as golf muscles? You bet there is! Every sport uses specific muscles, and golf is no different. If you are looking to improve your golf swing power, you must focus on increasing the strength and flexibility of your golf muscles.

Golfer Working Out

Effective Golf Training To Improve Performance

If you are starting to play golf after leading a primarily sedentary life then you are going to observe that it is going to be relatively tough for you to just rush out and play and entire 18 hole round of golf without you having effective golf training exercises before hand.

Golf Fitness For Kids Under 13

The LTAD approach is "the life-long athletic performance development model," which has been adopted by many countries and organizations, including the Titleist Performance Institute and USA Hockey, and "focuses on having kids perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize athletic potential.

Golf Fitness Through Balance Training

Would you like to be fit for golf and fit for life? Then it is never too late to work on your balance! What I’ve found that separates the good golfers from the GREAT golfers is their sense of balance. The technical term for this is spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is being cognizant where your body is in space throughout your golf swing and being able to control your equilibrium while moving.

The Causes And Treatment Of Shoulder Pain In Golfers

The causes of shoulder pain in golfers is quite obvious, but treatment and help is more critical, including exercises to address these problems. The stress of swinging of a golf club 80 mph is huge on the shoulder joint. It's no surprise the rotator cuff injury is prevalent among many golfers, especially the older ones.

Lifting Weights For Golf Won't Hurt Your Swing

I've heard this time and time again. Golfers saying lifting weights will hurt their swing. They'll lose their feel and tempo. This couldn't be farther from the truth. If this were true, then why do most of the top golfers on tour do it? Most even have a trainer that travels with them.