Fourteen Golf's New and Better Designed RM-22 Wedges

June 15, 2016

Irvine, CA - 2016 seems to be shaping up as the year of the wedge, with either new entries, or updated versions of existing models, every major club maker seem to be focused helping golfers improve their shot game with a plethora of new wedges entering the market. This latest entry comes from Fourteen Golf with what the company calls the latest evolution of it's widely-renowned Tour-quality RM-22 wedges.

"Fourteen Golf is well-known among golfers for its innovation, design and performance, especially when it comes to wedges," said Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf. "With the introduction of the RM-22 wedges, the company carries on its tradition of providing golfers with the cutting edge technology they desire in order to play their best golf."

Fourteen Golf wedges are known for having the highest spin rate of any wedges on the market thanks to its innovative reverse muscle back technology. Reverse muscle back technology increases the weight at the top of the club head thereby raising the center of gravity higher on the face, creating more spin.

Fourteen Golf improved the grooves on the RM-22 wedges so that they now have the flattest and smoothest face of any wedge in the industry, Kamoda said. This technological improvement results in the ball staying on the face longer, making it easier to control approach shots and improving overall consistency, he continued.

"The PGA TOUR players who tested the RM-22 were impressed by the softness of the face and the great feel of the wedge," Kamoda said. Fourteen Golf has had a regular presence at most PGA TOUR events for the last 11 years.

The RM-22 wedges come in 11 different variations, with loft and bounce options ranging from 41 degrees to 60 degrees. They come in either a chrome or matte black finish. Stock shafts are either N.S. PRO 950HT or the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts. More customization is available by ordering at or from custom club makers.

The average market price for the RM-22s is $185. Fourteen Golf products are available at major golf retailers everywhere.