Fourteen Golf Launches New TF-616 Irons and TF-Wedges

September 12, 2016

Irvine, CA - While it is certainly not a household name, Fourteen Golf is one of the top club designers and manufacturers on the scene today. After the sucessful release of the comapany's FH-1000 Forged irons several year ago, Fourteen Golf is back at with its new TF-616 irons and TF-Wedge series.

The TF-616 irons are aimed at mid-handicap golfers who needs forgiveness but who enjoys the pure feel of a soft forged iron. Oftentimes, mid-to-high handicap golfers must find forgiveness in cast irons that do not have the soft feel forged provides.

The TF-616 irons provide golfers with responsive feel and effortless launch by using a single material structure engineered with a deep undercut cavity in the manufacturing process, according to Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf. This special Fourteen Golf technology brings the greatest possible center-of-gravity depth to a soft forged iron, allowing for a reduction in loft that helps promote increased distance, Kamoda said.

"Fourteen Golf is excited to offer the new TF-616 irons, which have been designed specifically for mid-handicap players who have been looking for the soft feel of a forged iron while not wanting to sacrifice ease of use," Kamoda said.

"In our longer irons, the center-of-gravity is set as deep as possible, helping to get the ball up in the air quickly and promoting a longer ball flight," Kamoda explained. "In the short irons, the CG is placed as shallow as possible, with a higher CG height. This promotes well-controlled shots and a more penetrating ball flight."

The TF Wedge series has been designed with input from Tour players, who like to create different shots using the same wedge. As a direct result of this Tour input, Fourteen Golf engineers rounded the toe and heel areas of the TF Wedges and actually removed the back portion of the sole in order to facilitate a variety of shots by merely opening or closing the face.

"Fourteen Golf's TF Wedges rely on our original 'reverse muscle-back' design to provide enhanced stability while incorporating Tour-inspired innovations that enable more creative shot-making around the greens," Kamoda said.

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