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Fri, 8 September 2017

ips To Fixing A Bad Golf Swing

by Mike Schlacter

Charles Barkley
How often have you walked off the course, or even after a shot, had the thought "I need tips to fixing a bad golf swing". I know I have, and I have headed right to my computer and typed it in google to see what I could come up with, and the results were so far out there, I felt like I wasted a good hour of my time and came up with nothing.

The conclusion I came to was it had to be simpler than that. I don't think swinging a golf club is rocket science. Do you? Instead, I took a step back and decided to look at my grip, posture, stance and even ball position to see if something was out of wack.

Guess what?

I found out I had a bad golf grip. My posture was hurting my ability to make a full shoulder turn; and my ball position was too far back in my stance, making me come down on the ball, and take a big divot, or worse, hitting fat golf shots.

The bottom line is don't ever forget how important the simple things are. I call these your golf swing fundamentals. If you can get your grip, posture and ball position correct, you stand a good chance of hitting solid golf shots that fly straight towards your target every time.

So the next time you are thinking about fixing your bad golf swing, take a step back and look at your grip, posture and ball position. I'll bet you'll be a bit surprised to see one or more of them are not right.

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