New CG Black Irons CB

February 2, 2015

New CG Black Iron CB

Huntington Beach, CA - In a bold move that should help to give Cleveland Golf a leg up in golf's strongest demos the company has just announce the introduction of the latest additions to their CG Black line of woods and irons, designed specifically for seniors, women and players with slower swing speeds. The CG Black line will now include the new CG Black Custom driver, as well as the new CG Black CB irons. These latest additions to the CG Black line should be available at local retailers by mid-month.

The evolution of the CG Black line started with understanding that the average golfer swings their clubs at least 15 mph slower than professional golfers. Cleveland Golf developed key technologies targeted toward golfers' swings and ball-flight inefficiencies and then incorporated them into the CG Black family to optimize performance. Cleveland Golf engineered the CG Black line to make slower swing speed golfers, seniors and female golfers more efficient, focusing on the many factors which inhibit them from hitting the ball farther and maximizing their potential. The incorporation of Speed Innovation into the CG Black family of woods has made them lighter, longer and faster than ever before.

CG Black Custom Driver
The CG Black Custom is a lightweight, adjustable driver engineered for amateur golfers who score better. Optimized for golfers who have a swing speed between 85 mph and 105 mph. It is also one of the lightest drivers you'll find on the market today. The CG Black Custom driver offers adjustable lofts ranging from 9° to 12°, and comes standard with a Mitsubishi Bassara E50 graphite shaft. The only knock about this latest offering from Cleveland might be its price point - its suggested retail price is set at $399.99.

CG Black CB Irons
Like the driver, the new CG Black CB irons were designed for amateur golfers with swing speeds ranging from 85 mph to 105 mph. According to Cleveland, The CG Black CB irons were developed for players who can work the ball, but still want plenty of forgiveness. The CG Black CB's long and mid irons also utilize a high strength HT 1770 steel face material for improved COR which leads to increased consistency, forgiveness and distance off the club face. Designed with a premium black finish and have a retail price of $699.00 Nippon steel shafts and $799.00 with UST Recoil 660/670 graphite shafts.