Chase54 Dolph Outerwear

September 23, 2014

Chase54 Dolph Outerwear

CHASE54 has introduced a new outerwear piece on-trend for the season and beyond. The apparel brand with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience is highly regarded for signature performance fabrications, expanding into its outerwear category.

"At CHASE54 we are constantly innovating," says Creative Director Lulu Faddis. "We want players and pros to understand our technology expertise is not only applicable to a polo shirt, but expands into categories that transition seamlessly into everyday life," she adds. "This piece is unique in that it integrates our DryFuze™ technology, that is traditionally a key quality for lightweight shirts. DryFuze™ is CHASE54's patented moisture-wicking fabric keeping players cool and dry, enjoying freedom of movement on every shot). "It's critical to have the same ultra-performance in an outerwear piece to give a natural stretch to help players' swing, even in tough climate conditions," she adds. "I'm sure the Ryder Cup Teams would appreciate a piece like this right about now," Faddis says.

The Dolph Quarter-Zip Pullover is a versatile technical garment that is worn in many climates and applications, as experienced by National Sales Manager Doug Risher. Risher has worn the Dolph with a dress shirt and tie for a business-casual indoor look. "It's a perfect piece for cool mornings outdoors and is very non-restrictive," he says. The Dolph can be worn at full length or cinched with the bottom drawstring to transform the length and look, which makes it a go-to piece for Risher.

This pullover is an example of how CHASE54 goes beyond with modern styling and intricate fabric development. The industry and pros are becoming accustomed to this evolved story from CHASE54. "I love my Dolph Outerwear piece. It gives me the ability to swing the golf club freely, while protecting me from the wind, cold and rain," says Jason Millard, PGA Tour Pro and CHASE54 Ambassador.

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