Learn The Causes And Treatment Of Shoulder Pain In Golfers

By:Curt Smith

October 21, 2012

The causes of shoulder pain in golfers is quite obvious, but treatment and help is more critical, including exercises to address these problems.

The stress of swinging of a golf club 80 mph is huge on the shoulder joint. It's no surprise the rotator cuff injury is prevalent among many golfers, especially the older ones.

Prevent Shoulder Injury

The ONLY way to prevent shoulder injury from occurring is exercises that target the front, side and rear shoulder muscles specific to the movements in your golf swing.

The main motion in the swing is external rotation. Look at the right arm in a right-handed golfer at the top of the backswing. The shoulder is rotated exposing the armpit from a frontal view. This discreet motion can cause rotator cuff pain and injury if the range of motion particular to that position is not sufficient.

Now look at the follow through. It's a mirror image of the backswing, but with the left arm being externally rotated. But don't forget this is at 80+ mph. This is massive trauma to the shoulder if it is weak and inflexible.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Standard treatment of shoulder pain for golfers is rest, and ice, then gentle stretching proceeding into light dumbbell exercises targeting that area. When treating the shoulder, be very cognoscente of your pain, and do not agitate it anymore than necessary.

Problems To Avoid

The problem with most golfers is ignoring the pain and continuing to play golf. This will quickly produce an over-use syndrome and prolong recovery from this pain and injury.

Whenever you feel pain, stop doing what causes the pain. If it's golf and the pain is unbearable, leave the course immediately and ice it for 15 minutes. Continue this every 3 hours for the next day or so to keep the inflammation down.

Recognize the causes of shoulder pain and apply treatment via exercises to help alleviate it.

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