New Addtions To The MD3 Milled Wedges

June 1, 2016

Carlsbad, CA - When legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland sought to add even more versatility to MD3 lineup, he reached out to Tour players for input. The feedback he received helped him to craft the latest additions to the line of MD3 Milled Wedges.

Simply put; it’s the most complete wedge lineup the company has ever created.

According to Callway, the MD3 Milled Wedges have the versatility and selection for every shot, every course condition, and every swing. Cleveland and his staff was able to do this by leveraging their W-Grind and S-Grind, using their new milled Progressive Groove Optimization system that optimizes spin for each loft, and advanced shaping and design. The result; you can specialize your wedges to your game and all the shots that you want to hit.

Add in even more custom options for shafts, grips, loft options and finishes and you just might have the wedges that give you everything you need to get up and down from anywhere.

Grinds For Every Shot, Every Condition and Every Swing

W-Grind: A slightly wider sole. It’s perfect if you play in softer conditions or you come in with a steep angle to the ball. And it’s extremely playable out of all types of bunkers.

C-Grind: Designed for firmer conditions and versatility around the green. The heel and toe relief allow for a number of shots, especially opening up the face and keeping the leading edge low.

New Lofts

The MD3's now offer new 50 and 52 degree lofts in the W Grind, with cambered soles for improved turf interaction and a controlled trajectory. Now you can flight the ball low and make aggressive swings with your gap wedge.

The 64 degree C Grind is designed so that you can be even more aggressive with your shotmaking. You can open up the face without the leading edge coming up, make fuller swings on approach shots, and go after any shot you face around the green.

Progressive Groove Optimization

Basically you get 3 a groove package precision milled into the face of these wedges that optimizes spin as you go up in loft. It creates a smoother spin transition from your irons to wedges. The 30V grooves in the Pitching and Gap Wedges are built for shots that require a steep angle into the ball. The 20V grooves in the sand wedges are designed for full shots and bunker shots, and we put in wider 5V grooves in the lob wedges for better control for shots out of the rough and around the green.

Advanced Shaping and Design

The input from Tour players, along with advanced CAD design allowed Rodge Cleveland to create a balanced wedge with a high toe profile and a semi-straight leading edge. The weight ports in the back of the wedge gives the player the freedom to reposition the weight for better shot-making, especially out of deep rough.

Look for these latest versions of the MD3 Milled Wedges to be in retailers by the end of this week, with a suggested retail price of $129.99 per wedge.