The New Apex Pro Irons From Callaway

November 7, 2013

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Carlsbad, CA. - The Callaway Golf Company is at it again! Just when you thought they would let the "X" series of irons set the standard in distance, playability, precision and versatility, along comes the new Apex Pro Irons.

According to Callaway, the Apex Pro is a better players version of the newly introduced Apex Iron. Callaway says it has combined true engineering advancements and styling to create a iron that is both  highly technical and good looking at the same time.

The Apex Pro Irons have a one-piece, 1020 carbon steel, forged construction to deliver a soft and responsive feel. This precision forged design offers tungsten sole inserts in the long irons, a critical new groove profile, center of gravity height progression and a thinner face for better ball speed.

Callaway says the weighted  tungsten sole inserts have been machined into the sole of every 2 - 5 iron, helping to lower the center of gravity, making the long irons easier to hit and delivering a higher launch angle.

Callaway says its research done on both Tour players and better amateurs showed the generation of too much spin using previous grooves) out of the rough, largely
because of high club head speed. This was causing in some cases a loss in distance and consistency. So, since the Apex Irons is designed for this type of advanced player, Callaway wanted a lower spinning, higher launching groove. After extensive testing with this wide-spaced groove design the results showed more control and consistent spin out of a variety of playing conditions.

What's also nice about the Apex Iron, the face is about 17 percent thinner as compared to this year's  X Forged series, so ball speeds are up slightly. Another neat thing about the Apex, the center of gravity gets progressively higher as you move down the set from longer to shorter irons. In a 9-Iron and PW, for example, the higher CG helps flight the ball down a bit and deliver a flatter trajectory, which is something better players typically want. Furthering the feel story, Callaway added a high damping polymer insert in the back that helps eliminate unwanted vibrations at impact.

Callaway says the stock shaft is the new KBS Tour V. Marking the first time the company has offered a KBS shaft as a stock offering in an iron. It’s a premium, mid-launch, low torque shaft that maximizes energy transfer for a smooth feel
and faster ball speeds. For a graphite option, the UST Recoil will be available through custom order only.

Look for the new Apex Pro at your local retailer in early 2014.