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Wed, 14 February 2018

Calf Stretches

by Mindi Brittner

If you play a lot of golf, chances are you will end up walking a lot throughout an 18-hole round. This can lead to the tightening up of your calf muscles. One of the major couses for this is the inability of mos golfers not taking time to warm up properly before they play or practice golf. If you are not limber your muscles may not be prepared to accept the stress the golf swing can put on mucles in the body, especially your calf muscles.

Mindi coaches health-conscious golfers of all skill levels. From players on the PGA Tour to recreational golfers, she teaches fitness techniques designed to improve both a player’s golf game and overall health. Her format includes strengthening of the specific muscle groups used in the golf swing, flexibility exercises, and reinforcement of balance and stability movements.

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