Ken Bishop Forced Out At PGA

October  26, 2014

Ted Bishop

Palm Beach Gardens, FL - On Thursday of last week the PGA of America Board of Directors voted remove Ted Bishop, the 38th PGA President.

With just about a months left on his two-year term, the Board deemed remarks made by Bishop on his Twitter and Facebook accounts to be inconsistent with the policies of the PGA.

Those partuicular comments were aimed at PGA Tour player and accoding to the Board were insensitive gender-based statements when he called Poulter "a little girl".
Bishop removed the comments and publicy appologized.Bishop said: "I want to apologise to Ian Poulter and anyone else that I might have offended with my remarks."

He added: "I have great remorse that my comments contained the words 'little girl' because I have always been a great advocate for girls and women in golf.

“The PGA of America understands the enormous responsibility it has to lead this great game and to enrich lives in our society through golf,” said PGA Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua. “We must demand of ourselves that we make golf both welcoming and inclusive to all who want to experience it, and everyone at the PGA of America must lead by example.”

Under the Bylaws of the PGA Constitution, Vice President Derek Sprague has been appointed the Association’s Interim President until Nov. 22, when the election of new national officers takes place at the 98th PGA Annual Meeting. PGA Secretary Paul Levy will assume the dual responsibilities of Vice President and Secretary until the election.

“The Members and Apprentices of the PGA of America must uphold the highest standards and values of the profession, as well as the manner in which we conduct ourselves at all times,” said Sprague, the PGA General Manager and Director of Golf at Malone New York) Golf Club. “We apologize to any individual or group that felt diminished, in any way, by this unacceptable incident."