8 Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

by G. Mason Page

1. First, check your stance. You cannot deliver a perfect swing if you are misaligned to the ball. Many players who have not received correct or any) instruction, step up to the ball and hit to the right in an attempt to correct a problem they don’t really know exists. To check your stance, address the ball in your normal fashion, but before you play your stroke, lay down your golf club so that it is touching both your toes. Step about 10 paces behind the ball and sight down the club. If the club is to the right of your target, your stance is out of alignment.

2. Square your stance. Try again and when you think your stance is square, hit some balls. Driving left? I thought so. This is the problem that you tried to correct with your off-square stance. It means that you are pulling the ball by trying to use too much of your arms. If the opposite side is the problem – that is, driving to the right, it means you are allowing your body to slide too much through impact. You have to let your body do a large part of the swinging, not just your arms.

3. Check your grip. It’s not the type of grip that is so important here so much as the consistency of use. You have to find what suits you and learn to use it every time, otherwise you can’t tell whether it is really working for you.

4. Practice with heavier clubs. If you are not focusing on using your entire strength for the swing, you’ll be able to concentrate on control and aim.

5. Watch your forward tilt. Coming from the hip, not the waist, a proper tilt leads to correct spine angle, which is most important in the perfect swing.

6. Many people advise a beginner to keep their head down, but this is bad advice. Chin on chest will put you out of balance quick. An out of balance person cannot make a perfect swing.

7. Watch your post-swing position. If you look like the reversed letter ‘C’ even slightly) when you’ve finished your swing, expect back trouble. A reverse ‘C’ is when the upper body leans away from the target during follow through. Okay, that’s nothing to do with the perfect swing, but if you get bad back you won’t be able to make any sort of swing, much less a perfect one. Remember that when you execute the perfect swing there is very little stress put on your back, thus it will be worth your time and effort to correct this fault.

8. Watch your shoulders. If your right hand is below the left on your club, then the right shoulder must be below the left – unless one arm is longer than the other! Above all, you should feel comfortable when you make the perfect swing.


If you are looking to improve your golf swing then consider adapting the 8 tips above. It will help you become a more consistent ball striker and help to lower your scores.