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Fri, 8 September 2017

5 Tips to Hit Your Driver Further

by Robert Lewis

Steve Flesch
Everyone wants to hit their driver further. Increasing the yardage of your driver will set you up fro a great approach. By following the below 5 tips to hit your driver further will defiantly improve your game.

#1 - Flexibility

Body stretching and proper flexibility to move are essential for a golfer. Having a great degree of flexibility will increase the range of your swing and therefore increase club head speed at impact. It is important to find some good stretches tailored to golfers.

Aged golfers lose physical strength and energy due to senility. Their muscles are rigid and they feel exhaustion to stay on the golf course for several hours. However one thing they can do is to become cool, patient and alert. Their muscles must be flexible. If they are not strong like young golfers, they can be dynamic with flexible hands to hit the ball with patience for increasing scores.

#2 - Good Physical Posture

Physical posture matters for golfers make the straight hit to send the golf ball to the right hole on the ground. However, experts advise young golfers to position their legs properly to get the best chance for striking the ball. If the ball is on the left side, a golfer feels much more comfortable to put much strength on the right limb of putting the ball. Try to be swift to change or release the physical strength to serve the purpose. Strength shifting process must take place quickly but steadily.

If you stand on one leg for a long time, you can face exhaustion, muscle strains and discomfiture. So it is much better for all of you to practice regularly to be efficient in standing at different angles to hit the ball.

#3 - Measure Distance between the Tee and Your Body

Measure how accurately you can hit the ball with your driver successfully. If you are ambidextrous, it is obviously a plus point for you to dart your hands freely. Often experts agree that strong blow of wind is a problem to shoot the ball in the air. The most common tip in this regard is to increase the height of your tee to accommodate ball. You will get the flexibility and space to let the ball fly high to reach the destination.

#4 - Importance of a Good Stance

Good stance is required to hit the ball without uneasiness. Bigger clubs and excellent stance ensure the proper ball shooting and putting successfully. If required, consult with your experts how to choose the proper tee for installation at the golf course.

#5 - Float On

Finally when you use your driver to hit the small ball, guess the direction of the wind to blow, if wind is strong and powerful, your ball must be floated on the waves of wind to fall into the specific pocket.

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