Exotics EX10 Hybrid Offers The Material Avantage

Once again Tour Edge delivers its "Material Advantage" with the release of the new Exotics EX10 hybrid. Riding the wave of popularity of the EX9, the EX10 hybrid offers the same incredible forgiveness and effortless hit-ability as its predecessor. The EX10 model features a new cup face, deeper CG, a larger SlipStream sole, all in a very classic hybrid shape. Read more >>

Baseball season is here. Are you ready for Opening Day?! Read more >>

Pete Dye Course at French Lick honored by NGCOA. Read more >>

Course of The Week - Camelback Golf Club


nCore Golf Debuts High Performance Tour Ball - ELIXR

Who would of thought that a couple of guys from Upstate New York could develop a line of golf balls that would rvial those of some of the biggest names in the game. That's exactly what's happening with Buffalo-based OnCore Golf. Now the company has unveiled their first-ever Tour ball-the ELIXRTM. Read more >>


Tatanka Golf Club Continues To Earn National Recognition

Tatanka Golf Club, the new Paul Albanese designed golf course at Ohiya Casino Resort located in northeast Nebraska, continues its trend of national recognition by industry leading media outlets. Read more >>

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Antigua Taps Spandex In its Spring 2017 Men's Collection

Emphasizing an updated fabric story, the Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand - announced it's using spandex in its Spring 2017 Men's Collection. Read more >>


Lat Exercise

One of the biggest variables in golf that we want to take out of the equation altogether is our body. It's important each and every day you start your round of golf that you have a consistent body when you play. In this exercise golf fitness coach Mindi B demonstrates three moves to help you to develop and maintain a consistent lower body. Watch the video >>

Private Club - The Founders Club


How To Eliminate An Over-The-Top Move In The Golf Swing

In this video segment, Bob Usher from Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, Florida shares a tip on how to stop coming over the top in your golf swing. Watch the video >>

The 19th Hole

The State of Golf in 2017

According to Stuart Lindsay of Pellucid, a golf industry solution provider, there are two groups that will be critical in helping to grow the game over the next 3 - 5 years and they represent different ends of the age spectrum. Read more >>